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Tendon Injuries - Orange County

Tendon Injuries - Orange County Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Foot & Ankle tendon injuries may occur from overuse, acute injury, or from a chronic condition. Orange County, CA.

 Foot and Ankle tendon injuries in Orange County may occur due to overuse and acute injuries, or they may be a chronic condition.

Many tendon conditions occur secondary to the patient's foot or ankle structure, such as flat feet or a high arch.

Tendon Injury in Orange County

Our Orange County Podiatrist / Foot and Ankle Surgeon can evaluate and treat your tendon injury at our Irvine, CA, Huntington Beach, CA, or Orange, CA offices.

Tendons attach muscles to the bones to do the work of making the ankle and foot move, and help keep the joints stable. Foot and ankle tendon injuries are a common cause of pain. Tendon injuries in Orange County may occur due to overuse and acute injuries, or they may be a chronic condition. Many tendon conditions occur secondary to the patient's foot or ankle structure, such as flat feet or a high arch.

All of the tendons with in the foot and ankle may be effected by tendon pain or injury. Tendon injury in Orange County may range from inflammation and tiny tears in the tendon, to partial tear or complete tendon rupture. The inflammation of a tendon is called tendinitis. Microscopic tendon tears that accumulate over time, because of being repeatedly over stretched, which don’t heal properly lead to a condition called tendinosis.

Tendinitis & Tendinosis in Orange County

The symptoms of foot and ankle tendonitis vary based on the severity of the injury. The most common symptoms are:

  • Pain - pain is usually the first sign of a problem.  It is usually sharp or burning in nature localized to the area of the tendon. 

  • Swelling - It may take a little time for swelling to develop. As your painful symptoms continue, you may notice a soft lump forming over the tendon or generalized swelling over the painful area.  

  • Stiffness - You may experience stiffness in the foot and ankle due to the inflammation and pain in the tendon limiting non-painful motion.

It usually takes two to three months to recover, but it can take much longer without the proper treatment. 

Tendon Tears or Ruptures in Orange County

Acute tendon tears may result from overuse or a sudden trauma or force to the tendon. Tendons can also completely rupture. Tendons may also slip out of place to a non-anatomic position.

A person with a torn or ruptured tendon in Orange County may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden pain – often subsiding into a dull ache

  • A popping or snapping sensation

  • Swelling  in the area of the injury

  • Difficulty walking or instability

Depending on the nature of the injury and the tendon that is injured, treatment may consist of either non-operative or operative management. Non-operative treatment of tendon injury in Orange County generally consists of immobilization in a cast or removable cast boot. In cases where the function of the foot or ankle is significantly affected, surgical treatment is generally required. Surgical technique is dependent on the tendon involved and the extent of the injury.

Dr. Coyer, Orange County Foot and Ankle Surgeon / Podiatrist is an expert in foot and ankle tendon surgery and non-operative treatments. Together, you will develop the best plan for your individual needs in order to meet your present and future goals.

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Please contact our office in Irvine, Orange, or Huntington Beach in Orange County, CA to make an appointment with our foot and ankle surgeon / podiatrist (Dr. Coyer) to have your tendon injury in Orange County fully evaluated and treated.

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